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CLUB MAGIC LIFE - Erfahrungsbericht


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Emma Dongworth shares her work experience as a dancer for TUI MAGIC LIFE:

A dancers job is never done! Rehearsals, teaching fitness classes, theme days, interacting with guests, some more rehersals, showtime, socialzing with the guests and participating in evening programme.
We work as a team and it can be hard with the mix of personalities, cultures and experiences - but we are all here because we love dance and we support each other. We become like a family. Magic Life has many hotels in different destinations, it feels as if I am part of a big family that is speard accross the globe . I have the support from other dancers in so many different clubs ready to offer advice, support and encouragement whenever I may need. In this job I say you make friends for a season, a reason and sometimes for life! It can be hard trying to please all the guests as they often expect different things, but I often find that a smile and a positive outlook is the easiest way of making any situation better and to make sure the guest has the best possible time with us and a really magical holiday!

As a dancer you have to have the energy of a durracel battery, the memory of an elephant, the enthusiasm of a puppy and the patience of a Saint. When we have passion and love for our craft it makes all these things easy - a joy to do it and to be able to call it our "job". They say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. Working in a different country opens your eyes and your mind to different nationalities and ways of life. Working with Magic Life for my second year I could write an endless list of skills I have learned from this company, not only in this field of work but also in life. These skills I collect each season to add to my Toolkit. every year I learn and grow more and more. With Magic Life I have learned how to use my initiative and creativity. I’ve had professional training to enable me to teach my own fitness classes to guests from all over the world and to grow as a dancer learning professional choreography from 8 different shows with different styles and being able to perform them 4 times a week to a live audience.

I can't imagine doing anything else, for me this job is the hardest job I have ever done but also the easiest and the most rewarding."

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